Monday, April 30, 2012

(800) 935-5524 Hydrotherapy walk-in bathtub discount Bellevue Kirkland

Here is a video about the co-op discount available to Seattle area home owners, looking to replace their existing bathtub with a hyrdotherapy walk-in bathtub.
Design, consultation and installation is provided by Washington State Kitchen & Bath and if you have any questions you can contact Erin Belmore to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, whether a full bathroom remodel and renovation or just a walk-in bathtub installation.
Call (800) 935-5524 and ask for Erin.

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  1. The taps used on Windsor Baths are custom made for us in Australia, to ensure every component of the tapware is designed to fill your bath as quickly as possible.A user of a walk-in bath with standard taps found it took 18 minutes to fill the bath. Fast fill taps deliver 30 to 40 litres a minute, standard taps deliver 5 to 15 litres a minute.The worlds’ major vendors use custom made fast-fill taps for a good reason, most commonly made in the UK, US or Australia.